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Beth was thirty-five Read On. It was a long trip, but one that was worth the long drive across Texas, and then the northern parts of Mexico. The Hotel Riu, which overlooked the Pacific, was a luxurious destination spot, one we had found by pure accident on the internet.

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While the rooms were air-conditioned, the hotel lobby and corridors were not, which I Sarah poured herself a cup of coffee and sighed, looking at the time. It was just past a. He had already been gone two days. She had tried keeping busy with work, but with having today off she feared the day would go incredibly slow. Stirring the sugar into her mug, she silently wished she had something to do to pass the time quicker.

A long-time friend of mine. I pull up to his house and stare out my window. I bite my lip and sigh.

If only he knew It was almost impossible to get a reservation for one of the three special booths at the restaurant. There was at least a six-month waitlist for weekdays, and over a year for a weekend. What was so special about these booths, you ask? First, they had one waiter dedicated just to them, plus one assistant. Second, they only had one seating per night for each booth, and third, they were I knew what she was thinking.

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I was used to it, after all, built the way I was and the way I dressed. I was practically asking for it. I waved over at the woman as I passed her by the Oranges in the produce section. My heels clicked and clacked on the tile floor, and I smiled at the I'm waiting for you outside yoga. You left me asleep in your bed but I was only drifting.

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I'd tried stopping you going to yoga once before and that didn't end well. You were in a bit of a mood for the rest of the day even if I did make it up I went in to pay my rent, hadn't intended to renew our lease , but our leasing agent made a deal. I was floored. She knew I was married and still, she was offering me an opportunity of a lifetime. She was the new effervescent, bubbly, and very sexy apartment leasing agent in the office at the My wife is amazing. Sometimes I forget just how amazing until I see her standing there in her bikini.

We have just put our son down for a nap after being out by the pool and she looked extra sexy right now. Her long messy blonde hair and her small little bikini teased me as she went about her business. She had an amazing ass and a small waist.

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Most of the time just looking at her made A long day at Uni has ended with me checking myself out in my mirror, getting ready for a drive with Jacob - my best friend of five years. Red booty shorts and a black vest top. My go to outfit for relaxing. Shows my arse and legs off. Broad hips. Narrow waist and small tits. Not much, but a handful. Things had been getting a bit heated between us. Side eye glances, steamy playlists and It was March of Kelly and I were forty-five years old. The weather was surprisingly nice on that Saturday. And naked they got… right away… despite whatever headpieces and costumes they started out with.

The women wanted male nudity and nude entertainment. They especially wanted big naked male cocks and well-built bodies to play with. So, how had I gotten this job? My wife, Jennifer, had signed me up. It was one of her best friends, Marie, who was putting this bachelorette party together for one of her other friends who was about to be married.

The future bride, Morgan, had never had a wild day in her life, and she had been talked into having a wild bachelorette party as one last fling before she got married. A hall had been reserved for all of her female friends along with alcohol and other refreshments.

A DJ had been hired to play dance party music. And a line of sexually oriented gifts had been purchased to embarrass the bachelorette.

Marie and my wife, Jennifer had discovered the Dancing Bears via the Internet. Seeing some video footage sealed the deal. They were out to show Morgan and their other friends an awesome bachelorette party. They hired four of the Dancing Bears and interested many of their friends in coughing up the bucks to make this happen.

The women had paid for four men and wanted four naked men. Now you have to know that both Jennifer and I have entertained fantasies of participating in amateur stripping contests. I was finally able to talk Jen into going down to a local strip club and taking all of her clothes off in front of the wildly cheering male audience.

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She had told me that after she got into the music and the crowd wildly cheering her on she thoroughly enjoyed all the admiring attention as one by one pieces of her clothing dropped to the stage. And she was surprised at how much she got into the raucous attention and the excitement; she just stopped feeling anxious about her body. At the end of her performance she actually laid on her back and spread her legs wide so that every guy got a good look at her pink pussy.

She had said it was a total rush. She even enjoyed the touches and grabs from the male audience as she stepped off the stage and headed through them to the dressing room nude. So Jen just signed me up to take the place of the missing Dancing Bear. She contacted Jerry, the lead dancer, and he agreed to take me on for the night. Because of the short two-day notice I was invited by Jerry to practice at a dance studio at which the guys practiced.

The bachelorette party was going to be the next night so I had to get ready in a hurry. I asked what to bring and Jerry said nothing; after all I was going to dance nude. When I got there I discovered that Tronzell and Vince were there too. Jerry was a blond Nordic-looking guy, Tronzell was a muscular black guy, and Vince or Vinnie was a muscular dark Italian guy. To my surprise there were a bunch of college girls who had been using the dance studio for cheerleading exercises. Jerry had invited them to stay and watch.

Jerry wanted me to get over being self-conscious quickly. We all stripped and changed in front of these girls, who let out catcalls while we got naked.