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If they are allowed to dry out fully, then the acetate hardens and becomes more difficult to remove. Use the High Pressure Gun on both sides of the screen for the best effect. Dried-in ink - If the ink has been allowed to dry in the mesh after printing it is very easy to see.

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Most inks can be re-dissolved using an appropriate and effective Screen Wash solvent, which makes removing them straightforward. Stubborn stains may require a more aggressive high caustic and solvent haze remover. Hardened ink - Two-pack catalysed inks are notoriously difficult to remove, as they are formulated to be highly resistant once they have hardened.

You will need to use an aggressive very high caustic and solvent haze remover to have any chance of breaking these down. The longer the catalysed inks have been allowed to react the harder they will be to remove.

UV cured inks - Screens that have been used for printing UV curing inks should not be left in a white light area as they will quickly harden and become much more difficult to remove. Ink staining of the mesh fibres - Some inks will actually dye polyester thread during printing.

Although this type of stain does not reduce the mesh opening diameter it can cause problems during the exposure of subsequent stencils due to differential UV light absorption. Mechanical abrasion of the mesh fibres - Although not strictly mesh staining, these ghost images are quite rare and are typically caused by printing very long runs with an abrasive ink.

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For example, ceramic inks contain a glass frit which will micro-abrade the mesh as it flows through the image. If the is screen is then reused to print a sensitive ink, such as a transparent, then the previous image may appear in the print as a ghost.

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Haze removers will have no effect on this type of stain and it is best to discard the mesh after printing. All caustics react with aluminium, so take care when applying the low viscosity haze removers to aluminium frames and do not leave in an aluminium scoop coater overnight.

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There seems to be little resolve to tackle it. Seventeen years later, it is still a problem.

Cloud seeding is a desperate attempt to reduce the haze, but it is only a temporary solution. We went up in a C plane as it sprayed a mixture of sodium chloride and water into the clouds.

This is how cloud seeding works - the little water that is already in the air condenses around the newly-introduced particles. That helps thicken the clouds and increases the chance of rain. The liquid solution is kept in 1,litre tanks, released through a tap at the bottom of each tank.

The liquid flows from pipes to hoses that jut out of the back of the plane's open cargo door while t he pilot flies the plane into the clouds. Cloud seeding only works when there is enough cloud cover to produce rain. We were warned it may take some time to locate suitable clouds, even with weather guidance from meteorologists.

Sodium Haze

Two and a half hours later, the plane arrived back at the airbase, 25km from Kuala Lumpur city centre. I still was not sure whether the cloud seeding had been successful. Schools have been given standing instructions to close when the air pollutant index reads above NGOs have taken to distributing free masks to people. Eight-year-old Adam Ilhan bin Muhamad Syakiran, who has asthma and nephrotic syndrome, has had to skip school and spend more time indoors. On one particularly bad day, he had to visit the doctor four times to use a nebuliser. The monsoon rains are not due to start until next month, so there is little chance that the smoke will go away unless the fires ravaging parts of Indonesia are extinguished.

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