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You might be asking yourself, why is the group going through all this trouble? We do it for the city.

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While gray squirrels are one of the most common mammals in North America, they get surprisingly little research attention. For instance, Schwalje writes, between and , no one published anything about squirrel alarm calls. Thaddeus McRae, a biologist at Lee University, finally broke that dry spell when he wrote his dissertation on the topic.

Some people love bugs. According to Sadie Stein at New York magazine, deforestation around the city in the early s pretty much wiped out the squirrel population.

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When a pet squirrel did escape in , it was such a novelty that it attracted a crowd of hundreds that had to be dispersed by the cops. In and , between 60 to 70 squirrels were released in Central Park. By , the population rebounded a little too well; an estimated 1, squirrels reportedly destroyed trees and other vegetation, leading the city to authorize a squirrel hunt. Over the next hundred years or so, the squirrel and the park came more into balance, and now, as the new project shows, the urban forest comfortably supports more than 2, of the critters.

The Inman Park Census, for example, was used by Emory University researchers to understand how diseases like West Nile Virus can travel through urban landscapes.

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  • Travel Taiwan. American South. Travel With Us. Featured: Bankruptcy Strands Thousands of Vactationers. At the Smithsonian Visit. This time, in addition to plenty of nuts and trees, the city provides winter nesting boxes for squirrels and bags of peanuts for visitors to feed them. The result is a squirrel boom. Despite ASPCA opposition, the city organizes a series of early-morning squirrel hunts for population control. Pennsylvania had gone further, placing a bounty on the heads of squirrels.

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    The feeding and care of municipal squirrels had, by this point, become a social issue, an analog for responsibility to the poor. No less a personage than Theodore Roosevelt accused pro-squirrel naturalists of sentimentalizing and idealizing wild animals for their own purposes.

    Birds of prey and other natural squirrel predators are now regarded more highly, and the squirrel continues its fall from favor. Squirrels are witnessed swimming across the Connecticut River and other bodies of water. There are tons of roadkill casualties, and , drowned squirrels are pulled from a single New York reservoir.

    Hawks and falcons are now viewed as welcome guests.