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At the same time, Latinx individuals are more likely to work longer hours and are somewhat more likely to work full-time jobs than their white counterparts. And only Similarly, fewer than one-in-three non-retired Latinx households had a retirement savings plan at work from to , while Additionally, Latinx workers are more likely to work in jobs with unpredictable schedules and thus uncertain earnings from week to week.

Lower earnings leave less money for families to put money away after they pay their bills. Families with lower earnings also get less or no help from the tax code for their savings than higher-income families do.

Fewer employment-based health insurance benefits increase costs for Latinx families and less access to employer-sponsored retirement plans means that Latinx families get less help from an employer match, for instance, for their savings. To top it all off, less stable jobs and earnings make it much harder to plan for the future for Latinx families. But low-quality jobs are only one obstacle that makes it harder for Latinx families to save. They also face greater demands on their incomes.

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For example, Latinx families are more likely than any other racial or ethnic group to care for an ailing family parent or other family member. And Latinx families are more likely to have high-cost debt such as credit cards than their white counterparts do, adding another financial burden to their already stretched budgets.

I'm sending my love to the author for making drug addiction real instead of hiding the facts for people that can't take reality. Out of Reach was just amazing. I don't know if you'll connect with Rachel or the storyline if you don't have any idea how painful it is to watch someone you love destroy themselves. But if you have any idea what it's like? Read this book. I promise you that even though it will rip your heart out, by the end you'll be in tears. The writing to Out of Reach was simply beautiful. I loved every second I spent reading it. Apr 09, Kitkat rated it really liked it Shelves: favorites.

I liked that Rachel finally let her guilt over brother out. I liked that she put herself first instead of trying to fix her brother's issues. She took care of herself at the end and finally let her brother's worries go. It was really relatable and kind. Jul 09, Michelle Wrona rated it really liked it Shelves: , contemporary , from-library , yum , sad-depressing-read , chick-lit , abuse , expected-better , has-character-with-same-name-as-me.

This review can also be found on A Thousand Lives Lived, check it out for more! With Carrie Arcos' short but defining tale, Out of Reach gave me an understanding of what it's like to be in the place of someone, a character, with no hope or faith left inside of her when everything slowly begins to fall apart from her angle. It's not everyday when we get to see a This review can also be found on A Thousand Lives Lived, check it out for more!

It's not everyday when we get to see an experience like this, even in literature, but I can tell you that it's so magical to read about a story like this when we've never seen anything like it beforehand. That's the utter power of writing. Arcos immediately throws readers into a pile of something special—a risky story.

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Writing something that may be upsetting to some readers or may be totally difficult to write because it takes time for a story like this to build up and strengthen. It's a story of belonging, of friendship and finding the right person to make you feel welcomed and loved. By looking at its simple cover, the mood reflects a darker, deeper story that might sadden readers, where it kind of did, in a way. The problem is, most of us still carry the lie around inside a jar like a souvenir. It speaks to me.

Carrie Arcos' writing contained so many relatable phrases like that throughout this whole novel, and I could literally feel the pain that the characters were giving off, especially Rachel's. Her story may not be the most unique and divergent in the YA lit world, but it was nice to read about a good sister-brother relationship like she and her brother, Micah, once had.

It's not everyday when you read about a sister wiling to do anything to save the person she looks up to the most in her life when he's gone. No, this isn't about death. It's more of a mystery, kind of like John Green's Paper Towns, where Micah has left the clues for Rachel, begging for her to save him in ways that us ordinary people cannot even fully comprehend. That's a big part of the novel, with a hint or two of romance between Rachel and Tyler, because hey—she has to be happy, too. It would've been so miserable if the story just focused on her finding her drug-abused brother somewhere living on the streets.

Are stories not supposed to be written with slow-moving paces and beautiful writing when they are about these kinds of subjects?

Out of Reach (2013)

Something was missing here. Yeah, I finished the book in a matter of hours and ended up pleased, but I needed a little more from this whole situation to give it a great rating. The writing is quick, meaningful, but I bet that the romance and all of the other themes used kind of jumbled up together to give readers something less than ordinary. And not in a good way, either. Yes, there could have been improvements.

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Yes, I would have liked a better love interest. Yes, there were issues! But, guess what? I really do not care because I enjoyed reading my first Carrie Arcos book so much. I would definitely, definitely recommend this to you if you are a contemporary reader, as I am myself. A perfect read to have with a hot coffee by your side during the autumn season!

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Oct 31, Samantha rated it it was amazing Shelves: owned-read. If i had to choose my absolute favorite book of , it would be this one.

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Out of Reach was so perfect and amazing i couldn't help but to just marvel in its amazing-ness after i read the last page. No, i didn't love the Micah that came to be i loved the Micah before. With every glimpse back i If i had to choose my absolute favorite book of , it would be this one. With every glimpse back i just loved him more and more. Maybe because i loved Rachel, i understood her so much and i understood everything she did and why, what it must of felt to go through the pain of watching the person you love spiral out of control.

Maybe i loved this book because of Tyler, whether he went there to find Micah or as a way to get closer to Rachel whatever the reason i knew that he loved Micah just as much as Rachel, that he cared about him way more than he ever let on. Maybe i loved this book because of the writing style, even though it was simple it was engaging and fast paced and made me want to read this book over and over again from start to finish, made me want to go back and read every passage of the old Micah to commit him to my memory where he would always be the boy who had dreams of going to LA and play music for anyone who would listen.

To remember the boy who defended his sister against the asshole who did her wrong, to remember the boy who carried his sister on his back for over a mile because she was hurt even though he knew he wasn't strong enough. Maybe i love this book because to me the ending was perfect.

Even though it wasn't the ending i so hoped for, it was the ending that had to be. When you love someone who is an addict there is never a happy ending. Yes they may come home when they are ready, and they might change but the person you loved before will never come home, their gone. I don't know why i love this book, i just do. It is the most perfect and honest book that i have ever read in my life. While people always tend to look at addiction from the viewpoint of the addict, it was refreshing to look at from the perspective of people the addiction also affects, the family.