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Their piece band was assembled to achieve the driving sound that characterized Hitsville USA and Stax nearly fifty years ago. And they were formed with sincerity and dedication to create memories and melodies that would last a lifetime.

Findhorn, Scotland

Today, The Intentions have become a…. The name henna is a flowering plant and also refers to the dye prepared from the plant and the art of temporary tattooing based on those dyes. Henna has been used since antiquity to dye skin, hair and fingernails, as well as fabrics including silk,…. So grab a beer and hang out as we experiment with transforming….

Juicing is…. A beginners introduction to tapestry weaving How to make your own cardboard loom, and how to wind a warp How to switch colours, tie off ends and create a fringe How to create wall art that starts a conversation What's it all about? The mini tapestry serves as the perfect introduction to weaving for those with an interest in making and hands on projects. Using different materials and experimenting with pattern allows one to be creative…. It's a long weekend and it's the last weekend of summer, so we're gonna stretch this weekend out as much as we can.

For the record, Thursdays at the Gladstone doesn't stop here. Everyone loves trying a new ice-cold beer, but how often do we give much thought to what to pair beer with. You'll work your way through three outstanding and occasionally outlandish beer and food pairings - the food will focus on sour, sweet and bitter taste pairings. Everyone in the…. Wreaths are used to say welcome to my home, they come in all styles for all seasons.

In this Autumn Wreath Class, participants will learn how to twist and bend various types of natural materials including willow, hops, dogwood and grapevine into circular wreath forms. Then comes all the fun stuff, what you put on your wreath is an expression of you! Is it a bow, corn husks, wheat or favourite fall ornament, it is…. Room Reservations ext 0 or reservations gladstonehotel. Book a room Open Arriving. Find Events.

Events From. June Revealings!

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Not Your Average Burlesque. June 23, pm - am. Jazz Money June 25, pm - pm. Melody Bar.

Ben Sures July 2, pm - pm. Mirian Kay July 9, pm - pm. The Implications July 11, pm - pm. Diversity is just a superficial sleight-of-hand distraction. Information is dispersed from a very tightly centralized sphere of power. These days most western media organizations are owned by only a handful of giant conglomerates, such as Comcast; Disney; Time Warner; News Corp; Viacom; Vivendi Universal; and Bertelsmann.

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Over the years they have continued to absorb rival companies — called mergers — that expand their broadcasting reach. For example, the average person is not very likely to have heard of Charter Communications. Are they famous? Are they big?

My Airbnb habit left me sleeping under my desk – but it saved my career

They are the second-largest cable operator in the United States, just behind Comcast, and the third largest pay-TV operator. In Charter bought out Time-Warner Cable in a deal valued at After the corporations, perhaps the next biggest information sources are the journalistic press companies, such as Associated Press and Reuters News. Are they objective? In the US especially, television journalism has become a masquerade. Much of our news is personalized tidbits, intimate stories of stars, politicians, and the celebrity elite that are passed off as news in order to distract us.

Such crass journalism seeks out not stories of depth or worth but a fantasy play of personalities. Personalities are less adored when they go marching against fracking practices or oil pipeline proposals. Information itself has now become its own form of stagecraft. Influencing minds is more favorable, and more lucrative, than informing them. The end result is both more guaranteed and more controlled.

Open information has always been a dangerous thing, as religious and social institutions have long known. Controlled information seeks to create contrived headlines, censored and cut images, and sanitized news. And as consumers of such news, we are accepting and buying into an encroaching unrealism. It is a world of substitution that subverts the mind.

It is often easier to confuse and misinform than it is to inculcate opinion. Today we are faced with a new type of news. We have entered a mirror hall of journalism where fake news and alternative facts are further obscuring the veneer of truth by tampering with the already fragile and fragmented sense of reality. The malady of the unreal is spreading like a pandemic. It is a convenient way of brushing off inconvenient news as well as appearing to discredit the source of the information.

Not only that, it is also a deliberate way to add confusion to the issue.

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This appeared to be a political tactic during the US presidential campaign, especially on the part of the Republican nominee Donald Trump who subsequently became president. In the end, it proved confusing for journalists to pin him down, and social media was rife with a flood of contradictory statements, opinions, and criticism. Nobody really knew what Trump stood for, either politically or personally; and in the end not only did it not seem to matter to many, but the uncertainty and confusion most likely worked in his favor.

The result was that credibility in the political domain was eroded and in its wake was left uncertainty and confusion. It is hard for anyone to discern what is real and what is credible information when the playing field is deliberately manipulated with misinformation. A similar strategy has been used by governmental spy agencies the world over.

In fact, it would be fair to say that a great deal of mainstream information currently in circulation is misinformation. That is, it has been tampered, doctored, censored, or falsified. The rest is a fabrication of the world.

To the Moon

Nowadays, that which is classed as knowledge is more often data-information that has been agreed upon for general dissemination. Leaky channels are just another name for information channels these days. It shows a shameless level of hypocrisy in that it is well-known, and documented, that countries such as the US and China have a horde of cyber-technicians infiltrating online forums, chat sites, web gatherings, blogs, etc, and deliberately seeding and spreading a range of calculated mis information. The information highways are an open playing field where many actors, agencies, and agendas are vying for presence, infiltration, and dominance.

It is going to be increasingly likely that the news you read online or from your favorite newspaper will not have been written by whom you thought it was. Take a look at this example:. The pitching was strong on both sides. He went seven innings, giving up zero runs, two hits, and striking out nine. He tossed six innings, giving up one run, three hits, and striking out three.