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Bar Refaeli looked beautiful in a Chloe gown. The ceremony was attended by family and friends while it was officiated by Rabbi Yitzchak David Grossman. The wedding became glittery with the presence of popular Israeli stars and models. The wedding featured hot air balloon, a helicopter and few drones flying over the venue. The three years of marriage has blessed them with two children. The family of four is living happily in Israel.

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A year after getting married, Adi and Ezra welcomed their first baby daughter Liv Ezra on August 11, Just after seven months of his first daughter, the couple announced that they were expecting their second children. Soon after the announcement, Adi became the father for the second time with a baby daughter named Elle on October 20, We are all happy, healthy, and eager to start this new chapter in our lives. The billionaire husband and beautiful model have kept their daughters away from the media radar.

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The couple recently celebrated their third wedding anniversary on 24 September She has been charged with money laundering, tax fraud and perjury in Israel. While Bar claimed that she was living abroad with her former boyfriend Leonardo during that period, tax authorities have denied her claims on the note that the pair were never married.

Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Risf looked over Nedra and noticed his blood was almost frozen. He told Wake Nedra should do anything too physical or demanding for the next few days. Wake left Nedra with Risf shutting the door behind with as Risf went back to speak with the death god. On the Ashdrake ship Ezra was being shown around. He was freaking out a little seeing Poliffi trying to hide behind the crates. He tried to keep their attention to them as Pliskin and Poliffi was trying to get out.

Roc offered them a barrel of the grapeshots the crew already stole. Ezra had a close call as Mite heard something and went to explore and caught a mouse. Ezra exhaled seeing the two members of his crew jumping out of a window. The group headed back over to the Yeldin to see Wake feeding the mimic ship the rest of the metal he collected on the ship.

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Mite and Roc awed at the ship eating things. Wake took out the grapeshot that crushed Grammy and feed that to Yeldin as well. Mite wonders how he got that so fast. Wake simply implied it must have been a misfire of some sort. Mite and Roc became more confused when the subject changed to Risf being able to speak with Vexkor. Mite and Roc wanted to speak with Risf if at all possible. Heading down the ship they encountered Pliskin and Poliffi.


After entering the room they saw a spectral form of him was leaving his chest. After coming to Risf explained he was practicing a new prayer and ability. Risf demonstrated that he could now touch someone with his darken scale side and not pull out their soul. After giving Risf a high five Wake heard a weird voice in his head to not make fun of a people and was given a vision of Joe.

He wished to steak with Risf further. The two crews traded emblems as proof of their alliance before splitting ways. Mite and Roc took the sealed goblin child with them as Frits Ashdrake would be able to get some information out of him. As the Ashdrake ship left it fired a barrage of grapeshots at the Rumblood ship setting it ablaze. With the adventure complete Ezra turned to Poliffi asking why she was there again due to having such a long day. She admitted wanting a ride as the fog get her lost.

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Wake used his navigation to determined where they were. Poliffi wanted to take a ride to Eburkal. It would be a two week trip Ezra offered her one of the spare rooms. He did however ask that she pulled her weight while on board. She offered to pay for her stay instead. After some failed negotiating on Ezra part she paid two fifty in gold and was on her way. After reviewing their supply they decided to take travel to the neutral trading port of Rite.

Wake and Pliskin started to move the ship through the group of islands wanting to avoid the open waters. Ezra started to see elvish words on the walls telling him to consume in moderation and beware of the she beast.

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Gulfur slapped him awake. Ezra told Gulfur of what he saw. Gulfur took some as well. His eyes started to change color as foam came from his mouth and started to shake. Ezra called for help bring Eloy and Wake down. Thrashing around pubs and clubs, amassing a masonic cult following, they have eventually been signed to Balley Records, the label run by Idles frontman Joe Talbot. This album is a confident debut, imbued with the impatience of being forced to wait.

Crows are defined by their thunderous, Richter-scale-bothering fundamentals, and their title track here invades the same muscle-bound, bluesy terrain that still hails Black Sabbath as its great colonial leaders. Much like Pigs x7, the band represent the next wave of heavy British guitar groups, but in this case their hooks squelch in the flesh of psych and punk too. If any of this is memorable or breaking new ground is up for debate, but this is easily enjoyable for those with a heavy palate. It is a sacrificial slow march, its restraint wavering but never snapping, proving that Crows may have more shades to offer in the future.

'Giant wombats made annual migration'

Both have traversed the turbulent indie pop scene that flourished in post-millennium London while simultaneously pursuing side projects of longstanding illness, divorce, drug abuse and this minimalist psychedelic project. The initiation of this record was no different to the usual tumult, with an infectious disease leaving Claps unable to do little else than pick up a guitar. Despite the influence of virulent ailments, this record is distinctly more upbeat than previous work. Refined progression is also discernible in their sound, with increasingly glossy sonic sensibilities now co-inhabiting with tried and tested lo-fi analogue attitude.

The tracks on W.

Voices and Accents - Part 3: Monstrous Voices: Orcs, Goblins, Kobolds, Giants..

It is also by turns dark and uplifting, retro and futuristic. Based in Manchester, the band have taken their time with their debut album, spending two years slowly building something they can stand behind. And their pacing has paid off. Almost every shoegaze-y track here is crafted to the point of being a spectacular addition to your soaring rock collection.

In this context the tracks that work best for her six-piece band are those with immediacy or familiarity. Susan Darlington. Considering Thurston Moore created a record label for this band, the show is a reassuring glimpse into the talent this DIY punk band possess. Georgia Evans. Sam Walton. Long-time listeners to the music of Ian Sweet might be surprised that we even got here. Instead, there is the kind of introspection that comes with age, the kind that more readily takes root in the cultivated pastures of dream pop than the feral rage of thrashing guitar angst.

It still resides in her, that guitar animal, but she has trained it well. It now plays fairly with the quieter, more expressive writer that Medford appears to have become. Max Pilley. In a week where England is already stationary with the first snow-day of the year, tonight is a night where slowcore turns into shoegaze and then turns back into slowcore, but even slower, and everyone has an excuse just to stop and watch it. There are no synths to be seen on stage, though. Tristan Gatward. Needless to say, such points conspire to give this neo noir detective story a nagging sense of a film school end-of-year project.

You can also chalk up the impossibly hip world in which Under The Silver Lake is set, while the real kicker for some appears to be what a complete mess the story is — two grumbles that seem to miss the real appeal of the movie. The squirrel must have died for a reason! Stuart Stubbs. By his own admission, the Happy Mondays and Black Grape frontman started writing lyrics not out of a burning need to express himself, but out of necessity, because someone in the band had to. The songs he came up with collect together disparate scenes and skewed incidents that sit well on the page and work without the revolutionary, sleazy, time-lapse funk that provided their backbeat.

Annotated throughout, the collection offers insight into one of the leading lyricists of his generation. Lee Bullman. This Searing Light, the Sun and Everything Else: Joy Division: The Oral History — Jon Savage faber In This Searing Light, Jon Savage draws on thirty years of interviews carried out with band members, confederates and co-conspirators of Joy Division to tell the story of a group whose flame burned bright but short and who were eventually touched by the cruel hand of tragedy.

Motown operated within a changing America and influenced the rest of the world. Now Cleveland is evolving her sound on the new solo full-length Night of the Worm Moon, a serene album that flows like a warm current while simultaneously wresting open a portal to another dimension. Even in the Tremor signifies the arrival of her most sonically soaring and brutally honest album to date. Conceived over a bucks fizz binge in Birmingham UK early , Cherry Pickles comes at you like the base-ment band you always wanted to start.

A stubborn light; someone making great timeless music out of the humdrum of the everyday. Photography by Gabriel Green. Right now, the group have plenty of cause for celebration.